CZML Orientation Reference Frame


What is the reference attitude for the orientation property[1] in czml?
I tried specifying quaternions w.r.t the inertial frame but that didn't
produce the correct result. Also, how do I use the 'axes' property.

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Evan Ward


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After reading some of the source code and trying lots of different
frames I figured it out for my self. Czml uses an Earth Centered Earth
Fixed reference frame for orientation. It is also important to note
whether the vector or the frame is moving. Czml uses a fixed frame and
moving vectors. I was using fixed vectors and moving frames. To convert
just use the inverse rotation.


Hi,I want to ask that how to inverse rotaion ?

在 2013年11月7日星期四UTC+8上午5时06分32秒,Evan Ward写道:


just use the hypercomplex quaternion conjugate, i.e. multiply the vector
parts of the quaternion by -1.

Wow this sounds like the show Big Bang Theory
<> :slight_smile:

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