dataSource loadUrl / bloken umlaut


I want to label my points after the points have been loaded from a GeoJSON but apparently the data are read in wrong encoding.

I suspect the loadUrl method (or any of the subsequent methods) not to set the encoding properly. I browsed the code on github but Cesium is using the Dojo API to load the data. Any ideas how to fix it?

Thank you.


This is definitely not an area I know a lot about, but one idea I have would be to try loading the geoojson text yourself (varyfying it is correct) and then calling GeoJsonDataSource.load instead of loadUrl. This will allow us to tell if the problem is in the label generation itself, or the way we are loading it. I suspect the latter, in which can this will work around the issue for you.

It’s also worth double-checking whether the font you’re using to draw the text has the characters you need. You can try creating a regular HTML element with your text, set the font via CSS on that element, and check whether the text renders properly there.

hi Matthew, thank you for support.