defaultAccessToken not working

I’m using Cesium.IonWorldImageryStyle.AERIAL_WITH_LABELS view
Link : Sandcastle link

It is working without key but when i use key
Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken = ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_Y’; then earth at night view (Cesium.IonWorldImageryStyle.AERIAL_WITH_LABELS) is not working. I want to know whether this will work without key or please give me link where i can download a working version of Cesium.IonWorldImageryStyle.AERIAL_WITH_LABELS

I wan this view with my key which i generated from cesium

Hello @James,

Thanks for your question. Have you added the asset to My Assets through the Asset Depot yet? If not, open up the ion GUI and click on Asset Depot in the top menu. Then search for “Earth at Night” and press the + button beside it to add it to your assets.

After that, you should see “Earth at Night” on your My Assets page, and you can then use it however you like.

EDIT: Realized that you’re looking for Bing Maps Aerial with Labels, not Earth at Night, but it will work the same way. Look for the asset under Asset Depot and then add it to My Assets.


Thanks, i want to know whether external link to assets link Cesium.js, widget.css will work or i have to download all the assets in some folders and provide link for that, is there any link to working projects with 3D Cesium globe with assets which i can download and run it on own server

Hi @James,

Thank you, I believe I understand now. Are you following this tutorial? If you haven’t already, please ensure that both Bing Maps Aerial with Labels and Earth at Night are listed under My Assets in your ion account.

If they aren’t, add them from Asset Depot using the steps I posted above.

This should allow you to view both Bing Maps Aerial with Labels and Earth at Night overlaid on the globe using your own ion access token. Please also make sure that the token you use has the correct permissions (assets:read).

Let me know if this resolves your problem or if you are looking to achieve something else. We’ll add a clarification in the tutorial regarding the Asset Depot. Thanks for reporting this.


Thanks @Matt_Boyd-Surka Now my key is working with Bing Maps Aerial with Labels and Earth at Night, Can you please reply to this question Link