DeveloperError: normalized result is not a number

Hello there,

I am fairly new to CesiumJS. I am trying to model a radar and the radar field of view. I have successfully loaded the radar using a .gltf file, but I am trying to model the radar field of view using an OrthographicFrustum. I am not receiving any errors on in the console, yet the OrthographicFrustum does not appear.

When I try to run the code in the Sandcastle, it will not render. SEE HERE

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Hi @HoodedCrow21,

This is weird, it works with a PerspectiveFrustum but I was not able to make it work using an OrthographicFrustum.

Here is an example using a PerspectiveFrustum. I hope this will be useful until you find a better solution.

I’m curious to know what the problem is with OrthographicFrustum here. Please keep me updated if you find a solution.

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Thank you very much for your work in response to my issue. I recognize the code I wrote in my example was not nearly as easy to follow as the example which you wrote, so thank you for taking the time to decipher!

I was never able to make OrthographicFrustum work after multiple hours of trial and error. My solution ended up being to use an ellipsoid. For my requirements, the rounded edges of the radar field of view is just fine (although I am still confused as to why the OrthographicFrustum does not work).

Here is an example of my solution. Note: the radar gltf is not rendered here.

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Glad to know you found it useful. My example was greatly inspired by this sandcastle.

Thanks you for sharing your solution, it looks great. I’ve always had trouble understanding how ellipsoids work in Cesium so the comments are very welcome !

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