Development and local testing

It’s been a long time ever since I contributed to Cesium - but I’d be happy to come back :slight_smile:
What I’m missing (it probably exists, I just couldn’t find it) is the following:

  1. test with “watch” option
  2. test only a specific or failed suite
  3. combine with “watch”
    Is this available with current infra?

Hey Yontan! I did notice you were helping out with a few of the recent open GitHub issues - we really appreciate it, and welcome back :smile:

The biggest architecture change to CesiumJS since you last visited is probably the ES6 move, whose changes are summarized here:

For testing, if you mean running CesiumJS with your code changes locally, you should be able to fire up Sandcastle locally, which will load the code from the Source folder, so there’s no need to run build/combine to see your changes (unless you’re making changes to a shader or a worker, then you just need to npm run build). There is also a npm run build-watch in the gulpfile for automatically doing this.

If you mean testing like the unit tests, opening the Spec Runner locally will run the tests using the modified source code: http://localhost:8080/Specs/SpecRunner.html

If you want to run just one test, you can click on its name in that page, to get a URL like this: http://localhost:8080/Specs/SpecRunner.html?spec=Renderer%2FFramebuffer%20draws%20to%20a%20half%20floating-point%20color%20attachment