Differences between Ion and STK World Terrain

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There are significant differences between STK World Terrain and Ion terrain; some of the Ion terrain looks incorrect.

Is the data that's currently being provided via the STK World Terrain server be available via Ion (or is it currently?)

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A sandcastle showing the problem:

The left-hand viewer is using the Ion terrain server, and the right hand viewer is using the STK World Terrain server. They're synchronized, so if you pan/zoom/etc the left hand viewer, the right hand viewer follows along. Also, there's a "Boston Logan" button which will jump you right to a representative sample

Note that just about any airport I look at has similar issues.

Very few runways are perfectly flat, but none I've ever encountered have the sorts of undulations depicted in the Ion data.

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Cesium 1.47, Chrome 67 on mid-2015 Macbook Pro High Sierra 10.13.5

I know we resolved this over email, but to anyone else seeing similar issues, we’ve looked into it and isolated the dataset that is causing the undulations in the terrain. Cesium World Terrain is currently undergoing an upgrade to include better, higher resolution datasets, so it will soon be free of these artifacts!

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

Looking forward to the update! Thanks for getting on this so quickly.