Difficulties in Speed and Creation Issue – Please Help

I am trying to use Cesium to do some plotting of things, some issues that I am having that people might have run into and if so please assist if possible.

I am trying to create a see through colored 3D pyramid that is anchored at Point A and extends to point B, point B will then have a single line (Line 1) arching up and away from it towards Point A. I need assistance in making the colored 3D pyramid follow “track” the leading Point of Line 1.

In addition to that issue, I am developing this for offline use so I have downloaded all imagery and terrain files needed for what I am working on. When executing my application Cesium spends a lot of time trying to access imagery files that I do not have and do not need. Is there any way to speed Cesium up? Limit the requests that it makes? Or something else that will speed up the overall application?