Displacing vertices for part of 3D terrain

We would like to visualize under water terrain (bathymetry data); the coordinates are in both .asc and .json formats. I think the best way to visualize this underwater topography is to change the z coordinates of the terrain vertices. I am not sure how to displace the vertices of the 3d terrain in Cesium. Do I need to grab the tile for each level of detail and change the z coordinates for all of them? Please let me know if there are good tutorials or documentation on terrain displacements.

Thank you!

@Grace. Did you look at various Cesium’s TerrainProviders? If necessary you could write own one. Seems to me it’s more natural and documented (supported) way then displacement.


@ Cesium authors

May be it have sense to add a layered terrain provider, something like ImageryLayerCollection:

  • a stack of terrain layers;

  • every higher layer replaces or modifies results of lower layers.

Seems to me it could simplify local/special works with relief. But I’m new to Cesium, GIS and javascript at all, so I can’t estimate exactly.