Does cesium support plotting on UrealEngine

Hi~Dear Cesium Team

I am looking for plotting military unit symbols in UE4.

I googled some solution about this .Most use the JavaScript on Web.

So does cesium support this on UnrealEngine?
And if I wanna call JS scrip on Unreal, does it support?

Plotting like this picture below


Usually we seamlessly support most high-level features Unreal Engine supports, since we create regular static meshes from Cesium tiles. Is the above screenshot from Unreal Engine? If so I would expect it to work right away with Cesium for Unreal.

Unreal has a dynamic decal system as well as support for material effects like translucency / glow / etc that you can apply to regular static meshes. You might want to consider using one of these to plot symbology and you can georeference the symbols and primitives using our georeference system.

Feel free to provide more specific context or questions so we can give you more specific suggestions!


The screenshot is not from UnrealEngine.

I noticed that this feature supported on Web use JavaScript , I just wondered how can I use it as web with UnrealEngine.

Usually, developer use web gis,programming language by JavaScript so that we can plotting and drag icon,measure distance,select points to a closed graph to get area . This is some mature applications on GIS.

My aim is the same use as Web GIS with UnrealEngine .
So is any possible to support more features like WebGis?

I see! GIS applications built on top of Cesium for Unreal can leverage the large array of Unreal tools for interaction, plotting, and rendering. Using those tools, any end-application can easily create user-friendly implementations of drag-to-measure, point selection, etc. As you might imagine, those sound like application-level features that could be built on top of Cesium for Unreal, not features that belong within the core plugin.

I’d be surprised if there are no out-of-box, ready-to-use drawing / measuring plugins on the Unreal marketplace, have you had a look for any? My best recommendation to minimize work would be to use Cesium for Unreal alongside any other plugin that provides CAD-like interaction tools out-of-box.

Let me know if you are having a tough time finding such a toolkit that might be complementary to Cesium for Unreal. Additionally, let us know if you run into any issues with Cesium for Unreal specifically while attempting such an integration!


Hello Cesium Team
I wonder if CesiumforUnreal will support these features in the future
I marked it in the picture below