Double click event also fires click event

a double click will fire 2 single clicks first, as show here

is there a way to achieve double click only ?


This is an interesting observation, thank you for bringing it to our community. I do not know of a simple way to ignore all single-click events. A few thoughts and questions:

  • Why is it necessary to only produce double-click events?
  • Have you considered simply “ignoring” the single-click events in your code? This might look like creating an empty single-click event handler.

Looking forward to learning more.


I am not looking to only produce double clicks,
I am actively using the single click, and a double click should serve a different function.

The fact that it executes 2 single clicks, I consider a bug
I tried using timers etc, but things didn’t work as intended and made code too complex.

I am looking for a community way to get around this limitation

@Nitsan_Baleli here is a simple sample, I edited you can do like this its not very complicated. You can change state and can use what you want.


Thank you!