Draping and extruding GeoJSON polygons

Hello All,
I was wondering if the following is possible with the current version of Cesium. I have a GeoJSON polygons. I can use the GroundPrimitive to drape them to the terrain. I also know that I can turn the terrain layer off and use the height property to extrude the polygons.

However, is it possible to extrude the draped polygons as well? I dont think so but I am just checking with the group. The other option I am thinkig of implementing is sampling the terrain and then raising the extruded polygon to that height and extruding it but it will not drape the terrain. Would appreciate any help / input.


Hello Hrishi,

It is not currently possible to extrude a polygon and also have it conform to terrain. It is something we would like to support eventually, but I think we need to do some research to figure out a new rendering method to achieve this.