Draw a Plane through 3 Points

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Having trouble defining and drawing a Plane using the Point-Distance method.

I’ve placed 2 points on the Earth’s Surface and am assuming that the 3rd point is the Earth’s Origin.

I would like to have the Plane to extend from the Earth’s origin through the Line connecting the two Points on the Earth’s Surface.

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I plan on using IntersectionTests.lineSegmentPlane and would like to have the Plane drawn so that I can

visualize when an intersection should be occurring

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Cesium v1.65

Chrome 79.0.3945.130

Windows 10

If I understand you correctly it looks like your normal calculation is throwing off the orientation of the plane. Look at the normal calculation in this example. Is this the desired goal?

Not quite. It looks like the plane is orthogonal to the line drawn. I’m using the line to define the plane, so ideally it would be drawn parallel to the line and with a width equal to the length of the line (hopefully that makes sense).

I’ve been using the Plane to do calculations, so I think it’s defined correctly. I think that Cesium is reorienting it somehow (maybe using NED) when drawing it.

Hellow. I’m trying to draw plane similar with your plan.
Did you solve the problem?
Thank you

I have previously created an example of drawing a polygon through 3 points, which you can check out here.

You can test it out by zooming in and left-click to create 3 points (or more) on the terrain, then right-click to terminate drawing and generate the polygon.

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