Draw on top of a depth test disabled mesh

I am probably unable to change depth test disabled in my app but users still expect the yellow line to appear on top of the polygons.
Anything I could do to make that happen? Other than a bill board with a shader or similar hacks?
disableDepthTestDistance isnt for lines is it?

Thanks for your help


For points disableDepthTestDistance: Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY does the trick but lines and polys?

Should i still look into hacking PolylineCollection
Disable Depth Test For Polylines and Polygons - #2 by swissolo

Hi there,

Maybe a depth fail material would work for your case? This sandcastle contains an example of how to use them. Though it will only work for static polylines, not dynamic.

Its dynamic lines as in the user can draw and change it maybe i am misunderstanding the definition of dynamic. Does it mean animated? I tested and saw no change. The surface is transparent if that matteras

Passes seem to not help me either. Can i just patch renderState in Source/Scene/PolylineMaterialAppearance.js?
Or a GroundPolylinePrimitive doesnt work. Postprocess?