Drawing in a multi-client application

We have an GE application that we are converting to use cesium. The application allow users users to log into a shared instance of the earth and allows each client some drawing tools. Free hand line, segmented lines, polygons, 3d spheres, 3d regions, … The client application allows a user to draw uniquely while creating the drawings, and then would send the basic description of the drawing through a servlet to an executable that would then generate kml. That kml would then be passed back through the servlet to all of the clients of that shared scene. In the cesium version we have a client side entity which allows the user to define and draw a temporary point, line, or polygon. This allows the user to build the basic description of the geometry( a sphere with a defined radius at point xyz, or a line with an array of points,… ).

Question: Is there a way to generate czml from an entity, something like a Cesium.Entity.toCzml()?

TIA, Scott

Hello Scott,

That functionality isn’t currently built into Cesium. That’s a really good idea though, we’ll have to think about adding that in the future.