Editing Info box

1. A concise explanation of the problem you’re experiencing.

I have a database of plots which has columns like Shape/Geom, street no,area, plot_no etc. Right now the only column that is populated is Shape/Geom.

What i want to do is that the user can select on the plot and in the info box the user can select the street no,area etc from the dropdown and update the database.

Note there is a unique id by the name of OGR_FID.

Is there a way to do this


I think you might need to create your own HTML element with the custom UI you need. You can either listen for the selectedEntityChanged event (https://cesium.com/docs/cesiumjs-ref-doc/Viewer.html?classFilter=viewer#selectedEntityChanged) and set the viewer.selectedEntity = undefined to prevent the default selection indicator from appearing and create your own, or just detect when an entity is selected directly using the scene.pick functions like in this Sandcastle example: