Editing of KML DataSource entities, first step how to tie a KML Entity to a KML document node?

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Not really a problem I have been tasked with trying to figure out how to allow a user to modify KML entities in a KmlDataSource. For the first step I was trying to determine what is the best way to match the KML entity to a node in the KML document. From previous posts it sounds like I can tie the specific entity to the dataSource, any idea how I can determine which KML document node the entity was derived from?

Once I know the node I was then planning on modifying the KML document and then removing and readding the datasource. (Since the modified KML document would need to be persited).

The last step along the way would be an optimzation to try and change the specific entity without the bulk delete and add.

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Users have the capability in google earth and have expressed a need for it in Cesium

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Cesium 1-39

Hi Jerrold,

It looks like the non-visual data associated with each node is stored as an instance of KmlFeatureData in a kml property on each Entity. I’m not familiar with the KML format itself, but can you use any of those properties to modify the node? If not, would it be possible to set an unique ID for each node, which you could then tie to the entity when you load the KML?