Elevation from Esri to Cesium issues


I’m currently having issues getting 3D data to sit on the terrain nicely in Cesium Ion.

I have have some ski routes (lines) which I am trying to lay on the surface as tubes but the data either sits miles above the terrain or as 2D. Ironically, the 3D building (polygons) I’ve got, sit on the surface perfectly using the method I’m using.


1, Take 2D lines and interpolate to surface (using Esri interpolate shape in ArcGIS Pro) - note, this is the same terrain as I am using in Cesium Ion

  1. Convert lines to tubes in symbology

  2. Convert layer to 3D (geoprocessing tool) and ensure data is EPSG: 3857 with NO DATUM

This all looks really good in Esri.

  1. Use QUICK EXPORT tool to export data to CityGML

  2. Upload CityGML version of data to Cesium Ion

No matter which settings I use from here (whether clamp to terrain, msl or no clamp) the data draws too high or too low


I am trying to create a workflow for bringing points, lines and polygons from Esri into Cesium so that there is the potential to create 3D mobile applications. At present I can’t find any other method for bringing in geospatial data to Cesium as FME seems to fail with the elevation too (though I can get Esri ArcGIS Pro to get polygons to sit on the surface)

Versions etc:

Currently using Cesium Ion (free) to test which 3D system I should use for a mobile application.

Chrome browse, Win Explorer & Edge

Using Windows 10 64bit on a Microsoft Surface with 32GB of RAM and a NVIdia 1080Ti GPU

9hrs later and I have found a method for getting the data to draw (as pipes on the surface):

Use WGS84 datum for the data (specified as a VCS) and then use the Mean Sea Level when importing to Cesum Ion (as CityGML) and THEN adding 50m to the elevation, surely there must be a better way!