Ellipse partly not showing, CLAMP_TO_GROUND needs height?

I know that there was a topic last september

(Ellipse not showing correctly)

but we have still the same problem.

We set viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain to true and have a terrain, but the ellipsoid isn’t displayed correcly

ellipse: new Cesium.EllipseGraphics({

        semiMajorAxis: this.semiMajorAxis,

        semiMinorAxis: this.semiMinorAxis,

        show: true,

        height: 1000,

        heightReference: Cesium.HeightReference.CLAMP_TO_GROUND,


we would like the ellipsoid clampToGround, but if we don’t set a height we get an error/warning, so we set a height definitely above the ground, but this doesn’t work.

The error was:
Entity corridor, ellipse, polygon or rectangle with heightReference must also have a defined height. heightReference will be ignored

This is curious - I must set a height if I want Clamp_To_Ground ?

Can anyone help ?


Some additional facts:

I have read in an old thread (https://groups.google.com/g/cesium-dev/c/qEg8pgzTa0I), that clamp_to_ground doesn’t support outlines - so a heigh is needed ?

So additional question, in which way can I draw an ellipsoid with outline to the terrain - is this possible ?

Additonal warning:
Entity geometry outlines are unsupported on terrain. Outlines will be disabled. To enable outlines, disable geometry terrain clamping by explicitly setting height to 0.