EllipsoidGeometry.createGeometry position returns different coordinates

Hi Community,

I want to get coordinates of Ellipsoid Geometry via this code:

let ellipse = new Cesium.EllipsoidGeometry({
        radii: cartesianCenter

var ellipseGeometry = Cesium.EllipsoidGeometry.createGeometry(ellipse);

But when i get these coordinates:

var coordinates = ellipseGeometry.attributes.position.values;

It returns different coordinates from the actual shape, for example:

Cartesian3 {“x”: 0, “y”: 0, “z”: 3957106.5701413816}

What am I doing wrong? I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Can you give us a Sandcastle example with the values you’re working with?

Keep in min that the position attribute values for ellipses are scaled to the surface of the ellipsoid (globe).

Hi @Gabby_Getz ,

Thank you for your response.

Here’s my Sandcastle example:

Hi there,

All ellipsoid geometries are constructed at the origin. The radii option defines the size and shape of the ellipsoid. The positions returned here are the vertices of the mesh created for rendering the geometry.

If you can explain what you’re trying to do, there may be a different way to solve the problem.