Enable inputs delay

I’m temporarily disabling scene camera controls during drag operations. When enabling inputs after the drag operation has completed, the globe continues spinning. I’ve tried setting a timeout to enable the inputs which only delays the movement of the globe for the specified amount of time. I’ve also set inertiaSpin to 0 before the timeout, and back to the default value at the end of the timeout but the issue persists. Is there anything else I can try to stop this from happening?

  this.screenSpaceCameraController.inertiaSpin = 0;
  setTimeout(() => { 
    this.screenSpaceCameraController.inertiaSpin = 0.9;
    this.screenSpaceCameraController.enableInputs = true;
  }, 400);


any info on this?

Hi Tom,

Are you able to share a Sandcastle showing what you are trying to do? What is the desired behavior you are looking for by disabling camera controls during drag operations?