Error facing while Importing 3d model into cesium

 I already have a 3d models (.dae,obj,gltf,fbx).In need to place the model in the world projected coordinate, but it not fixing in that proper coordinate. I can able to add kmz file into cesium but we can't able to load 3d model into cesium. I have a few more questions along with that
  1. I can able import from the blender with the help of a plugin but we are having scaling and projection issues(x,y)
  2. I already having 3DS Max 2021 but the provided plugin is not supporting.

Welcome to the Cesium community @Prakashgeo! Can you describe what issue you ran into loading your 3D model into Cesium ion? Did you get an error? If you just need to put it in the right location, one way you can do this is visually using the geolocator tool as described here:

Can you tell me what issue you ran into with the plugin?