Error when moving camera in cesium

I am experiencing a problem with my cesium map.

I would like to have some information regarding the potential cause because the code is minified, and there is not much information available to understand the error.
I can’t find a way to reproduce this error stably, it happens sometimes when I move the camera. I can’t really manage to reproduce it in Sandcastle

I would like to have some information that could help me know at least what can cause this, because the code is minified, and it happen only in some situation, but I can’t find a stable way to reproduce it.

**Cesium.js:558 An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.undefinedRangeError: Invalid array lengthRangeError: Invalid array lengthat A (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:549:30793)****at S.createPotentiallyVisibleSet (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:550:1946)****at nt (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:550:25551)****at rt (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:550:25091)****at tt (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:550:22958)****at mt (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:551:727)****at _t (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:551:914)****at Me.render (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:551:13980)****at x.render (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:558:27459)**at t (http://localhost:4200/scripts.js:558:20909)


One thing you can do is run your up with the unminified version of CesiumJS, which should be included in the build folder as well.

What kind of data do you have in your application? Does it always happen only when you’re moving the camera, or does it ever happen without any user input at all?