ESRI shapefile support

Where do we find details of how to load a shapefile?


Hi Ian,

There is a C# converter that is part of the czml-writer project that converts shapefiles to CZML, which can then be dragged and dropped onto the Cesium Viewer (or, of course, loaded via code).

However, it doesn’t look like it is exposed through the command line utility yet, but I imagine that exposing it (ignoring options for metadata at the moment) is really simple.

Matt - are you up for making this change while you are doing the web service (will this include drag and drop in Viewer?) for KML to CZML?



Ah, the overall project headline seem to mention shapefile support …


The shapefile support is through by converting the shapefile to czml. You can use our converter to do this manually.

Also, as Patrick mentioned, I’m adding a web service to convert from KML to CZML(should be shortly). I’ll look into adding the same capability for Shapefiles.

Matt, shapefiles will be a bit different and require at least some additional client-side code to be properly supported. I have an architecture in mind that should work for any format that doesn’t include it’s own graphics (shapefiles and geojson are 2 that come to mind). In the case of shapefiles, the conversion service will provide the geometry, but the client-side will configure the graphics. I’ll try and put something up on the wiki this week.