Experience with large datasets?

I'm currently evaluating whether Cesium is appropriate for a new project. The customer is very concerned with its ability to support large data sets. In this case, large consists of roughly 50-100k polylines with 5-10k points in them. The lines could potentially be simplified if needed.

Is this something Cesium can handle and does anybody have any experience with this sort of data?


Cesium should be able to handle drawing that many points with no problem. If you polylines are static, they might take a few seconds to draw but once they are visible on the globe I think it would be fine.



Adding to what Hannah said. There are no limitations written into Cesium that would prevent success in the scenario you describe. Keep in mind that Cesium’s performance is highly dependent on several factors including graphics device capabilities, network bandwidth, and server performance. You might need to survey your target audience about their graphics cards to see what your application might have to deal with or what expectations to set with your customers.


Thank you both for the response. I'll try and put together a test in the sandbox and run it on some of the target machines.