`EXT_structural_metadata` and post processing issue


It seems like post processing doesn’t work well (if at all) for models with EXT_structural_metadata extension used.

Here is sandcastle example. I used sample models for EXT_mesh_features (left one) and EXT_structural_metadata (right one). Post processing works well for first one and has no effect on second. I also tried silhouette post process stage - still no luck.

  1. Is it a kind of issue or am I missing something in post process stage configuration or filling the stage.selected list?
  2. Possible workaround may be dynamically building and setting customShader that filters feature by id in ScreenSpaceEventHandler input action handler, but it sounds a bit weird. Would appreciate any better alternatives.

@pavlo, did you ever get a response to this? I am having a similar issue. Added structural metadata to a tileset and it doesn’t seem to be style-able.

@jeremyh3 Nope, no news yet.
For now I ended up with the described workaround - custom shader with uniform featureId that is set in ScreenSpaceEventHandler, which allows me to achieve custom appearance for “selected” features.