Failed to obtain image tile X: Y: Level:

We’ve uploaded a couple of geotiffs files to our Ion account and I’ve been able to see them in both our application and sandcastle. Even though the application seems to work without any issues my console is full of warnings and errors with the message "An error occurred in “IonImageryProvider”: Failed to obtain image tile X: : 5 Level: ."

This happens for multiple levels X and Ys, but when I visually inspect the map everything seems ok. Is there anyway to investigate this? Is it possible that an error occurred during import and if so it the a log I can check?

To reproduce:

  1. Download the Geotiff from here.
  2. Upload the ion as Raster Image.
  3. Select the link “Open complete code example”, to view the asset in sandcastle.
  4. Scroll and zoom around the map.