Failed to obtain terrain tile ... RuntimeError: Terrain tile doesn't exist

When using any from my terrain assets I see errors in console such as for example

An error occurred in “Nu”: Failed to obtain terrain tile X: 5 Y: 0 Level: 2. Error message: “RuntimeError: Terrain tile doesn’t exist
at new JS (
at q0e (
at Nu.requestTileGeometry (
at a (
at w$e (
at b$e (
at Jo.processStateMachine (
at Zo.loadTile (
at bj (
at Qtt (”

Is there something I can do to fix these errors or alternatively hide them from console if they are not relevant?

I believe this is a known CesiumJS issue that is being addressed in the June 1st release. The best course of action is to upgrade to that release when it comes out.

@Gabby_Getz May also have a CesiumJS branch you can try, if you are comfortable building CesiumJS from source.

Thanks, looking forward to the June release

Hi there,

This PR has a summary of the fix.

Could you provide a Sandcastle code example with your ion asset ID and access token so we can confirm the fix with your data?