Feature Request: Bearing tool

A simple bearing tool would nice, I use cesium now mostly to preview the solar panels on various structures , on the models that I drone capture , and create using reality capture.
And still there is no easy ways to determine the azimuth of the edges I’m interested in.

Like component distance just in the horizontal plane


Hi Maciej,

If I understand you request correctly you would like to have a tool that lets you determine the alignment of different objects in the view (like solar panels). Is that correct.

Are you using the Cesium ion asset preview window to view this data or another viewer?


Correct, alingment in the top view, in regard to North (azimuth determination of the edges or placed assets) I tried to use stories for that but I guess It can be done with JS as well .


Thank you for that additional information. It sounds having a bearing measurement tool in stories (in addition to the existing distance measurement tools) would help solve your problem. This is something that we may consider adding in the future.

You are also correct that this is something that you could implement in CesiumJS if you wanted to dig into the programming yourself.