Feature requests for the Cesium code sprint

Hi all,

The Cesium team at AGI is having our code sprint next week. It is a focused three days where we scope projects so we can finish them and have a lot of fun doing it.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see us work on or if you want to +1 any of the items we are considering:

  • Multiple viewports
  • Prototype quantized-mesh (terrain) with 3D Tiles
  • Evaluate integrating Assimp into the online Cesium model converter. This would allow conversion from many 3D formats, not just COLLADA.
  • gltf-pipeline features (this will become part of the online model converter)
  • glTF 1.0.1 spec updates
  • Cesium reference card like the glTF reference card
  • Review/merge/close outstanding pull requests

Please let us know your thoughts by next Tuesday if possible.



+1 on the multiview but.. I was also told that czml support and docs would get some more love soon.. whens that gonna happen? I use czml a good bit

Thanks David! Updating CZML support is also now on the list of potentials.


+1 on Assimp and CZML improvement