File not found (404) error loading IAU2006_XYS_15.json

When displaying a page that has a Cesium map, I get a "GET 404 (Not Found)" error. I get a similar error if I reference the unminimized Cesium build. This file, as well as the files named *_0.json through *_27.json" do exist on the server. I only get this error for the "*_15.json" file. The map works great.

Any ideas why this file won't load? Thanks.

Are you using IIS? IIS will not serve file extensions that it does not recognize, and needs to be configured with the appropriate mime type.

Yes, using IIS. It's a hosted account. I'll ask them about the MIME settings. Slightly interesting that it's on the *_15 file.

_15.json is probably the only file actually being requested. Those JSON files are divided up by time and it only requests them as needed based on simulation time.

Thanks for the suggestion, Scott. Yes, it was a missing MIME setting.