Find placemarks in a polygon

Hey everyone, Is there an easy way to find placemarks that are contained within a polygon? For example, I have several placemarks that I set on the map. I want to allow a user to draw a polygon around a number of them. Then I want to display a page that shows which polygons they picked. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do this?



If instead of using a polygon, just a rectangle is OK, then the placemark-in-rectangle check is easy. You might also be able to use (or at least learn from) the DrawHelper plugin.


Hey Patrick,

I think I could get away with a rectangle. Is there a placemark-in-rectangle check example I could use? I can get the positions of the rectangle but I am not sure how to tell what placemarks are in it?
I am planning on using the DrawHelper plugin, it’s awesome. Thank you!

Try Rectangle.contains.