finding cesium skilled web devs


Sorry if this question is faux pas for this forum, but where is a good place to find and advertise jobs to web developers who are well versed in cesium ?


Posting here is OK. We can also retweet with @CesiumJS if you are on twitter.


Hi Patrick

But do you think this is a good place to post a job requirement or might there be other more suitable sites for this purpose ?

In short it's a personal website, to be built from scratch, that would use the Cesium interface as the primary method of finding data on the site.

Whilst many features are already provided out of the box by Cesium, there appear to be several features one comes to expect that are missing and would require work. eg

polyline clamp to ground work around, for an overland journey's path
point/marker infoWindow, for each marker's on click info bubble

There is probably more, but I've only spent 1 day reading about Cesium so far.


I would post the full job requirements elsewhere, but it is fine to have a post here with a summary and a link to the full project details.