Firefox 30 Browser Comptability

I've had great success utilizing Cesium thus far. I upgraded to Firefox V30 (Linux and Windows) recently and now the application/browser crashes after about 10 seconds. Before I could run for days at a time.

Any ideas on how I can track this bug down to a specific issue? There are no messages in the developer console.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi Chris,

This may be limited to the example on the front page of the Cesium website. Does just Viewer crash for you?

Or the Sandcastle CZML example?

These are both OK for me.


We are also seeing crashes with Firefox 30. Most notably when angling the map into a 3d format. It causes the entire browser to exit. I have seen a few times when wewe will get am error about R, and a message saying the rendering has been stopped.

We are debugging, but not a lot of luck so far tracking it down. All other browsers work fine.

We are now able to consistently reproduce this just with Cesium Viewer.

To help get this fixed, add yourself to the Firefox bug’s CC list to show that there is interest:

Also keep an eye on the related Cesium issue: #1850. In the meantime, to workaround this, switch to Natural Earth II imagery (see attached).


Mozilla has flagged this as a critical issue and identified the problem. We’ll keep everyone posted when a fix or workaround becomes available.


This is now fixed in Firefox Beta, which will be released as Firefox 31 on July 22.