flyTo in Columbus view with camera pitch

I am trying to fly the camera to a rectangle or bounding sphere. In Columbus View it always ignores the offset or orientation and changes the camera to look straight down. Is there a way maintain the default camera pitch that is the ‘home’ position in Columbus view? I think it works using camera.lookAt however you can not ‘fly’ the camera using that, it just jumps to that position instantaneously.

This sounds like it could be an easy fix - the camera flyTo code may be limiting the view angle here. Do you have a Sandcastle showing the issue I can use to reproduce?

I put together a little sandcastle with my findings.

  1. camera.flyTo does not give the same result as viewer.flyTo
  2. viewer.flyTo ignores offsest in Columbus view
  3. camera.flyTo does not ignore orientation in Columbus view, however it does not look at the intended rectangle, rather places the camera directly above it.
  4. Passing in HeadingPitchRoll into camera.flyTo causes a bug. See “Experience Turbulance”.

Thanks for the Sandcastle example.

Just to confirm, I’m seeing the issues you describe in 3D mode. Are any of these problems specific to Columbus view for you?

Also, the units for HeadingPitchRoll are in radians. So valid values should be within the range of 0 to 2 pi. I believe this is the reason you get this “turbulence” (the camera spins a lot to get to the angle you pass in).

Ah gotcha, I noticed that when I accidentally mixed it up with HeadingPitchRange.

The issue is in viewer.flyTo (not camera.flyTo) in Columbus view ignores pitch, and camera.flyTo does not seem to look where I want. I am not sure which combination I need to achieve flying the camera in Columbus view to an entity without changing camera pitch to top down.