flyTo vs. zoomTo

This is more aesthetics than a problem but I would like to flyTo a nearby view of a site from a present view. The orientation is almost identical and the distance between the two is approx. 100 meters. However, flyTo takes you high above the site and then back down again to the new view. Is it possible to glide from one view to the other along some “shortest path?”

Some call it a kangaroo jump, maybe coded by someone from down under! I suppose the rational is that you get a good overview of the place you’re flying to this way, though the orientation of the camera could be improved as sometimes it has you looking out toward space while zooming through the air, which can be a tad disorienting. A flight similar to an aircraft would be nice alternative, just a whole lot faster than an aircraft for long flights, such as !

Joseph was working on a pretty good flight system here!topic/cesium-dev/AnDR7zI0QlU Basically along a circular arc of varying radius using camera.rotate, which is what I use in my plugin.

Thanks, I think I can make that work for us.