GEO-INT 2012

Cesium Developers,

Our company will be at GEO-INT 2012 and we noted that AGI will also be in attendance. Are there any plans to showcase Cesium on the exhibition floor?

We will be showing a video (among other things) of a prototype application we developed utilizing Cesium and HTML 5. It would be great to be able to show what we did to AGI and the Cesium project members, if possible. Please let me know if any of you (Scott, Patrick, et. Al.) plan to be in attendance. Thanks!

  • Chris Simons

Hi Chris,

Some folks from AGI, who most of us work for, will be at GEOINT showing Cesium. Matt is working on the demo, and can provide more details.

Unfortunately, none of the Cesium developers are attending this year, but please stop by the AGI booth to have the folks see your work. I’ll let them know to expect you.

Can you also share the video and some details publically? We are almost done with a website redesign for and are very interested in showcasing Cesium apps.



I just noticed that an AGI blog post went live this morning talking about our GEOINT demonstrations:



We are in the process of deploying a “showcase” of various applications and demonstrations that we have developed, and the Cesium prototype will definitely be one; I think we would be happy to include this in your showcase, but I would have to talk to someone here to make sure that would be all right.

I am going to take a look at the new blog post right now.

Thanks for the response everyone.

  • Chris