Geodata editor?


I would like to create a editor for a geojson dataset in a cesium map. The editor should be able to add points and add one comment (label) to the point.
This should happen when a user click in the map.
When the user clicks save it should be added to the geojson dataset and be saved.

This would be used for our citizen to leave coordinate specific comments for places in our municipality.

I have looked a bit at:
But it’s not exactly what I was looking for and maybe there is a simpler or just more examples of what i am trying to achieve.

The users does not have to see all the other comments that have been leaved I just need their comments to be saved in some way with geodata. And it does not have to be a Geojson file if its simpler with another like CZML or KML.

I am really new to both javascript and cesium.

Hi there,

I would recommend starting with our Entity tutorial to get an idea of how to add points and labels. It’s also possible to export KML from CesiumJS. Another format would also be possible, but you would likely need to write the export code or get it from another source.

Hi! I think you missunderstood my question.
I want the entity to be created in the user face of cesium. In the create point and label instructions I have only found information on how to code an entity.
I want the user of the page to be able to just click in the map and a point appear, with the possibility to leave a comment and for that information to be saved with no coding involved of the user.
I have looked at “draw” but I haven’t found any examples of that drawing to be saved.

Hi @amandajeppsson did you find the solution for your question? Though I am aware this is quite a old post…@Gabby_Getz I would like your advice on this please, as this is what I’m trying to achieve on my app, too. Thanks

Hi @Sakura, I have not found a solution yet, unfortunately.