Get Rectangle/Wall position from Camera View

Hello, is there any way to get Rectangle/Wall coords from current Camera View (img on stackoverflow). I would like to create a Rectangle/Wall on same spot with image material.

Thank you very much
Jacob F

Hello Jacob,

This is a surprisingly complicated problem to solve. We have an open issue here, but I don’t have any timeline for when we’ll be able to implement it.



Also, what’s your motivation behind wanting the camera’s rectangle?
I might be able to help you solve your problem a different way.


Thank for replies,

I have those values:

{ “pitch” : -3.76999, “roll” : 1.84288, “yaw” : 49.9063 }, { “latitude” : 46.5373, “longitude” : 8.12605 }, { “filepath” : “finsteraarhorn01.jpg”, “hfov” : 0.210625 }

I would like to put Rectangle/Wall with image overlay. Unfortunately I don’t have image’s position but I have managed to set correct camera view. That’s why I need to create Rectangle/Wall from camera’s view.

Dne pondělí 18. ledna 2016 22:59:52 UTC+1 Hannah Pinkos napsal(a):

Hmm… well if you look at the issue I posted, there are some workarounds you might be able to use like using picking on the window coordinates.


Hello Jacob,

I just wanted to let you know that we recently added a function to get the camera view rectangle. See Camera.computeViewRectangle



It doesn't work for me. I try to fly to the rectangle obtained from the e/w/n/s coordinates that this method returns. It doesn't fly to the rectangle.

var rectangle = Cesium.Rectangle.fromDegrees(west, south, east, north)

The coordinates are different.

Hi there,

Is this is 2D or 3D? This may be a bug. Can we have more information and a screenshot or code example?


  • Rachel