Get Width and height between two screen coordinates (number of pixels in height and width)

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.

I want to place canvas image content on rectangle entity, however the canvas image is not aligning with exact cartographic positions on this entity, hence data prediction cannot be summarized, with cartographic positions. So the intent is to pass rectangle width and height in pixel numbers, to limit the image construction between these bounds on the separate canvas.

So to leverage that, I have converted cartographic points to screen points, and now I want to calculate the width and height and provide it to canvas for creation of image between these bounds.

Algo Sample

function getDimensions(screen1, screen2) {
        var json = {};
        var camera =;
        var scaleFactor = <some value calculated>;
        var diffX = Math.abs(screen2.x - screen1.x);
        var diffY = Math.abs(screen2.y - screen1.y);
        json.height = diffX*scaleFactor;
        json.width = diffX*scaleFactor;
        return json;

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Does the calculation you’re performing not work?

It’s hard to tell where the problem might be without seeing what all the calculations you’re doing are. If you can recreate this issue in a Sandcastle example ( that you can share that I can run that’ll help a lot.