Getting Rendering has stopped error in few systems after launching the application

Dear Cesium Team / Cesiumjs Developers,

I am working on project in my organization, I am using cesiumjs for it, I have implemented the initial requirements of this project and deployed on server. For most of the systems, it is working fine but for some of the systems, it is giving “rendering has stooped” error when user is zooming in or using pan to any location.

Please, can someone explain to me why this issue is occurring?
Also, how can I resolve this issue?

if the issue is related to system compatibility, How I can know with which system configuration cesium js applications are more compatible. Mostly users are using latest configurations in their systems.

for reference of error, please have a look on attached screenshot.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Depending on what features your application uses, the answer can vary. It may be lack of support for a particular WebGL feature, or it could be that your app is using too many resources for a lower-end device.

Visiting on the devices in question will give you a summary of the WebGL support.

Providing more info about your application will also help determine why you are having trouble with some machines.


@Gabby_Getz , Thank you for your reply,

I am implementing this application for Honk Kong city, I this application we are using 3d buildings and others infrastructures. For preparing tilesets, I am using FME latest version, Currently, I have 2098 buildings in LOD2 (buildings with textures), LOD1 (buildings without textures) and LOD3 (Infrastructures like bridges and roads approximately 1000 in numbers). But there will be a lot buildings and infrastructures in future to upload to this application. When I had started this project, I was facing the same kind of issues (as my question) and then after your suggestion we updated our systems and asked the other users to update their systems with good GUI configuration. Also, My data team followed the instructions which you and your team has given us for creating 3d tileset. In My Application, I am uploading LOD2 data initial at the map that is working fine for most of the users system, but for few of the users after getting data uploaded at map, when user is trying to zoom in or pan then they are getting rendering issues.

I am attaching one screenshot of my application from my system, it is working fine in my system, please have a look on it, please let me know, how can I handle this issue for other users.

Thanks for all of the additional context!

I think the performance issues you are running into on some systems is due to the 3D Tileset.

One thing you can try is adjusting the Minimum Screen Space Error. This property allows you to balance performance and visual quality, and certain tilesets may require adjustments this value to perform on all systems. Higher values provide better performance but lower visual quality.