I get a

[.WebGL-00000 … AC73A50] GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY: Internal D3D9 error: HResult … : Failed to create 2d storage texture

and then subsequently

DrawingBufferWidth should be greater than zero of the framestate.context

Do you have any idea in which way I could prevent this error ?

This happens drawing a sequence of 1000 bilboards on a machine with 4096 glmaxTextureSize.


Hi there,

This can happen if the WebGL context is lost. WebGL is the browser feature which allows Cesium to render. The context can be destroyed by the browser if an app is taking a lot of resources, which is what it sounds like may be happening here.

Maybe try a billboard collection? It’s generally a more efficient way of rendering a large amount of billboards.


we use billboardcollections at all, but this happens if the billboards are too large - so my solution is to scale the billboards before use.