Google Earth Controller

I needed to write a google-like operator for the project, the left mouse button is the trackball, the right mouse button rotates around the vertex normal, but finally there was an error when the “Keep World Origin Near Camera” option was checked, I want to ask cesium if you have the idea of supporting this function

The right mouse button rotates the camera around the vector at which the mouse meets the surface and the center of the ball

Hi @fonlylovey,

We’d like to explore mouse-based controls eventually, but don’t have any updates yet on that feature. You can track the progress of this in this issue. Since it looks like you’ve already started to implement something similar, we’d welcome any ideas you have about how to create this system, or even contributions back to the plugin if you’re interested.

Regarding your specific issue, what is the error that occurs when the “Keep World Origin Near Camera” option is enabled? Can you clarify what function you need supported?


I pick a point on the earth and then let the camera rotate around this,If “Keep World Origin Near Camera” is false everything is fine, if it is true, the camera position calculation will be confused。
Since I’m currently working in a different branch, I think I’ll write an immature ActorComponent to contribute to the plugin

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I believe that Keep World Origin Near Camera would always throw off operations like this. It would be best to keep it off and manually change the Georeference Origin when needed.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding contributing!