GPX Support in CesiumJS

Hi everyone.

We’re close to merging in support for GPX files in CesiumJS and we’d love to get your feedback on it!


GPX (GPS Exchange Format) is a popular format for tracking GPS location from wearable devices, drones etc. Using CesiumJS, you can visualize routes, waypoints and tracks - with support for styling, custom symbology and clamping on terrain. Similar to KML support in CesiumJS, GPX files are added as a DataSource:

    clampToGround: true,

The PR for this feature can be found here. If you work with GPX data and have been wanting this feature, please try it out and let us know if you run into any issues or if you have any suggestions for further improvements. We also welcome any sample data that you may have to share that will help us test and validate our implementation. Thanks!


Very excited about this one! :slight_smile:

(Currently I’m using a .gpx parser I wrote myself.)

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