Half data point underground / layering data

Two questions in one here:-
Firstly I have a data point flagging a moving vehicle however half of it is underground at a high zoom. How can I ensure my whole circle is displayed. I thought scaleByDistance however it doesn’t seem to help. Current code
point: {
show: true,
color: Color.SKYBLUE,
pixelSize: 30,
outlineColor: Color.YELLOW,
outlineWidth: 3,

Secondly I have a polyline and various points. Is there any way to adjust the layering? They are the same elevation I just want to force one point above the others.


This is actually by design. The points are shown above the terrain when the camera is close to it, but there is not a way to keep them from partially obstructed by the terrain from zoomed out views. This is due to some tradeoffs we have to make internally. From a rendering perspective, it’s challenging to make the points obscured by terrain when they’re on the back side of the mountain, and also be visible above the terrain when you’re looking at them from the front side of a mountain. The graphics engine can’t inherently tell the difference between these two cases. We could make the the point graphics smarter, but we also have to make sure they maintain good performance as people should be able to add hundreds of thousands of billboards to the scene without slowing down rendering.

There is actually an on-going discussion on layering of entities: https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium/issues/4108. There are current workarounds, but the feature has not been published yet.