Have trouble Real-time plotting sub-rocket track with point

I used websocket to receive real-time data and pick sub-rocket data emitted by rate of 1 frame/100ms to draw on the globe. I just plotted point when data received at once. I knew it was not wise. But I just want to test performance. Below is my code:

this.ws = new Websocket(‘ws://localhost:8081);
var that = this;
var receiv = new Map(JASON.parse(event.data));
position: Cartesian3.fromDegrees(receiv.get(“longitude”),receiv.get(“latitude”)),


When I ran the code above, it did show point dynamicly. But after a while it totally stopped updating. Only if I used mouse to manipulate globe or zoom it in or out it would continue plotting point data received.
I wonder why. Does it have something to do with performance? Is it my resolution is wrong?

CesiumJS does support visualizing real time data. The right way to do this is using a CallbackProperty:


Here’s another example that has a moving vehicle (and the wheels move with a callback property as well):


These dynamic properties allow you to control interpolation and extrapolation as well, here’s a code example for that:


Let me know if this helps!