help displaying timeline and timetracks

I would like to place the tracks above the timeline. I was able to get the tracks on top of the timeline container, but the timeline bar and is not showing up anymore. I modified the viewer.css and cesium.js (see below). I tried to modify timeline.css, but I have not been able to see what I want.
Please give me some direction.
Thank you for your time,
.cesium-viewer-timelineContainer {
position: absolute;
left: 169px;
right: 29px;
bottom: 0;
height: 127px;/* was 27px*/
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
overflow: hidden;
font-size: 14px;

    this._topDiv.innerHTML = '<div class="cesium-timeline-trackContainer">' +
    '<canvas class="cesium-timeline-tracks" width="10" height="1">' +
    '</canvas></div><div class="cesium-timeline-bar"></div><div class="cesium-timeline-needle"></div><span class="cesium-timeline-ruler"></span>';

    this._trackContainer = this._topDiv.childNodes[0];
    this._trackListEle = this._topDiv.childNodes[0].childNodes[0];
    this._timeBarEle = this._topDiv.childNodes[1];
    this._needleEle = this._topDiv.childNodes[2];
    this._rulerEle = this._topDiv.childNodes[3];
    this._context = this._trackListEle.getContext('2d');

same problem...

Hi Aniketh, Eliza,

What element do you mean by track? Can you indicate what you want with the numbers in the image below?

Cesium Viewer



Hey Gabby ,
Sorry i did not look at the reply you sent . But i need some help am struggling alot on this If you can help me

I need 15 small lines for every gap in between 4 hours. that too with equal space in between.

i mean each small tick should represent 15 min segment on timeline, so 1 hours will have 4 small ticks and 4 hours will have 15 small ticks.

I tried many ways but coudn’t figure out anything there is no api also to manipulate that.

There’s no way to modify the tic marks through the public API. You’d need to modify the Timeline._makeTics function in order to get the effect you want. If you want to expose this in the public API while you’re at it, contributions are greatly appreciated!