Help to draw a circle outline geometry


I try to create a circle outline geometry.(primitive)

In my computer there was an error :"Appearance/Geometry mismatch etc.’ ".
I use cesium version 1.70.

So I loaded the code into sandcastle, and there are no errors, but also
there is no any circle outline geometry.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

P.s: the outline circle need to be drawn in Israel.

Just now, i converted this code to typescript.
And what i see? That CircleOutlineGeometry inside Cesium.d.ts doesnt have a vertexformat.

So i removed it and still see the error:

DeveloperError: Appearance/Geometry mismatch. The appearance requires vertex shader attribute input 'compressedAttribute', ehich was not computed as part of the geometry. Use the appearance's vertexFormat property when constructingthe geometry.