Help to understand the software

I am starting to work with Cesium.

Could you help me with this? I am working on developing a 3D model for Space Missions.

What should I use CZML or another application related to Cesium?

Welcome to the Cesium forum Jose!

What type of data are you trying to visualize? What data type or format is it? If you’re new to Cesium a good place to start is this guide:

And from there, I would check out the Sandcastle examples to see if what you’re trying to do is similar to any of these:

CZML can be good for storing time dynamic data in a file that you can load into your scene, such as this example for satellite data:

Thank you so much for the welcome.

The data I want to visualize: satellite prediction data, coverage.

Thanks for the suggestions Omar, very useful recommendations and to understand the composition of the Cesium platform.

Check the code carefully, perform a test, but I have some doubts:

1.- Where do I see the images of the figures of the satellites and earth station?
2.- To make a scene, what changes should I make?
3.- The czml document is created separately, how do I call from an html document? I did it but it doesn’t load the czml document.

I am learning software

The CZML satellite example I linked to has an example of attached an image in your CZML. You can replace that with your own.

It’s hard to know what the problem with your scene or why it’s not loading the CZML file without seeing your code and knowing more about your setup. I think being familiar with some web development basics will help narrow things down a lot here. I’ve found the MDN documentation to be a useful reference for this kind of general knowledge: