Help. Trouble loading frame

Hello, I’ve been working on a couple of projects with Cesium but just get stuck loading the custom frame.
Here is the project where I gave up and just used Cesium Stories instead:
Now I want to add in the custom code. I am hosting using GitHub pages and using Cloudflare for DNS.
Here is the link to my repository: GitHub - philippaburgess/cesium: Port of Long Beach: Sustainability Analysis with Photorealistic 3D Tiling
The page I am trying to load to is:
I got it to work one time but there was a cache issue and I had since updated my code again and it was gone. So I either end up with a blank frame or in outer space.
My goal is to add data layers that I’ve created in ArcGIS Pro – but that’s a secondary challenge – but the driving reason I don’t want to use Cesium Stories for this part of the project is because the Geojson and KML files do not load correctly there. My final objective is to add data layers to this web scene.
Thank you so much.

Hi Philippa!

I’m seeing an error in your app.js file:


I think it’s likely caused by a copy paste error on this line.

I would suggest using a linting tool like eslint to check your code for errors.