Help with terrain visualization

I have to do for my school project terrain visualization in web browser using Cesium. So I obtained data from - it gave me 2 kind of files - .dt2 and.tif files. Because I didn’t work with application before I have actually no idea what should I do now. I know it is quite silly question, but could you help me, please? (I’m working on Mac) It would be very helpful for me, if I had “guide” or list things or processes which I have to make. I’m really sorry that I’m bothering you with this problem, but I’m really “lost”. Thank you very very much :slight_smile:

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It’s a bit complex, actually. Cesium has its own file formats for terrain data - “heightmap” and “quantized mesh”. What you have there are DTED Level 2 and GeoTIFF formats. There IS an open-source tool that can be used to convert other formats to Cesium’s heightmap format, at .

What exactly do you need to view/show for your project?

Well, I have to make web page with map window. In this map window there should be 3D model of my area with some options like zoom, rotation etc. . So I should now use cesium terrain builder and convert one of these formats (DT2 or GeoTIFF) to heightam or quantized mesh?



Dňa 2. 1. 2016, o 3:58, Mark Erikson napísal:

With multiple .dt2 and GeoTIFF files I suggest you build a VRT file (gdalbuildvrt) using all of the files. The .vrt file would than be passed to the ctb-tile program to build the heightmap terrain tiles.